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Report on European Teachers' Response to School Dropout Phenomenon is now Available

Education is a fundamental human right, but the school dropout phenomenon remains a challenge for education systems worldwide. In Europe, school dropout affects a significant number of young people, and it has been a subject of ongoing research and policy initiatives.

Now, a comprehensive research study on the response of European teachers to the school dropout phenomenon is available as a final report. The study was conducted as part of the intellectual outputs of the Erasmus+ KA2 project EARS-Educational Agreement as a Response to School dropout.

The report presents the results of an investigation into the different reasons for school dropout and the various measures and strategies used by teachers to prevent it. It also explores the needs of teachers in terms of support and training to effectively address this issue.

Read the full report:

Download PDF • 5.00MB

Drawing on a wide range of data sources, including academic literature, policy documents, and surveys conducted among teachers in several European countries, the report provides a comprehensive overview of the school dropout phenomenon in Europe. It highlights the key factors contributing to it and presents a detailed analysis of the different approaches used by teachers to prevent dropout and support at-risk students.

The report emphasizes the important role that teachers play in addressing the school dropout issue and calls for greater collaboration and coordination among policymakers, education authorities, and other stakeholders to ensure that all young people have access to quality education and the opportunities it provides.

This report provides valuable insights into the complex issue of school dropout and will be a significant resource for educators, policymakers, and researchers in Europe and beyond.

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