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Welcome to the EARS Training Course! 

The Erasmus project EARS - Educational Agreement as a Response to School dropout (2021-1-IT02-KA220-SCH-000032619) is intended to be an anti-school dropout programme with a high social inclusive attitude. 
EARS partnership has designed and tested an innovative training course and a set of information materials addressed to educators and teachers, school directors, educational staff and advisors, students and families involved in preventing school dropout.
This training is aimed to help school educational staff preventing school dropout. It is organised into three interconnected pillars: Family Involvement -FI, Labour Market-LM and Learn the Future –LF. Each pillar offers a diversity of ideas, proposals, practical activities and materials oriented to provide new tools to reflect in-depth and apply in the daily work with the students.

The training is based on the research and analysis of needs and collecting the educational good practices done by the EARS consortium in the field of school dropout, the design is based on CBT -Competence based Model- and under the approach of the self-reflection on the own daily educational activity. 
If you want to learn more about the EARS training’s goals, design and structure, see “Scheme of training for Teachers and Admin Staff (PR4)”.

How to proceed

To access the training register to the EARS platform created in the framework of the EARS Erasmus project. 

The training has three courses, one for each of the pillars FI, LM & LF. You can decide to do the complete training or answer some questions in the “profile session”, like a previous evaluation, and depending on the results choose the pillars you think can be more useful for you. Keep in mind that, even if you are an expert in the field of school dropout, in these courses you can find new ideas, resources and materials that would allow you to expand or improve the ones you already use. If you are an expert, we would also be delighted if you would like to share your experiences with the community by contributing to the forum.
Each course is based on two or three competences and for each competence there are among 8 and 12 activities proposed. The activities have been designed to cover different and relevant topics of the pillar and include several kinds of resources and materials. There are also several self-evaluation activities to allow you to reflect on your own learning process

Learn more the three courses:

Certificate of attendance and badge

You can obtain the EARS certificate of attendance if you realise almost 15 activities of the whole training.

You can obtain the EARS badge, referring to the treated competences if you upload almost 8 materials among the proposed on the whole training.

Activities to do with children and families

Additionally and in a complementary way to the training, in this section you can find a repository of activities, also based on the three pillars, FI, LM & LF, to realise with students, involving families, stakeholders or other social groups related to school dropout.

These activities are also designed in the framework of the STEM competences, which help to develop aspects as important as creativity, innovation, or the ability to solve problems, to name a few examples.

These activities are meant as suggestions that teachers can set up or adapt to the single situation of their classrooms. They can find ideas from these and create new ones.

We invite you to use this repository and also to upload your experiences in our forum.

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