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We have a highly complementary project consortium, composed with a multi-actor approach in order to involve all the parts of the complex value chain of the fight against school dropout, in an effort to facilitate knowledge exchange and successful synthesis of a common protocol.

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Fondazione San Giuseppe CFPF C.E.S.T.A. is a non-profit organisation accredited by the Emilia Romagna Region for activities ranging from initial training to higher education aimed at different target groups (young people, adults, unemployed, workers, disabled people, etc.), also in collaboration with a network of public and private organisations in the area. In addition to the initial objective of providing professional training for a qualified job in the labour market, the project was aimed at a comprehensive human, intellectual and moral education. This has been possible thanks to the indepth transformation and operational reconversion that the Centre has been able to carry out in recent years, responding
to the needs expressed by various parties: a solid structure, present in the area for many years and an extremely flexible operational capacity are the Centre's main recognitions. Its aim is the development of the person and his social integration through education, instruction, guidance and vocational training. Moreover, thanks to the characteristics of its work, the training agency in Cesta has also proposed itself as a partner in the implementation of integrated projects in the educational and social field, as well as experimenting with new forms of collaboration between schools, public bodies and associations.



The Comprehensive Institute of Copparo is a public school attended by 1223 pupils in the age group 3-13. The courses are divided into three areas, preschool (3-6), elementary school (6-11), secondary school (11-14). The teachers in service are about 160, the administrative support staff and operational management about 40. The share of staff in service with a stable contract in the institute is 66% for teachers of kindergarten, primary and administrative and operational support while it drops to 48% for teachers of secondary school, qualifying the institute with a high turnover, producing at the same time difficulties on the construction of an identity, and access to intense energy of young teachers in training. The Institute is a point of reference for education in the first cycle for the municipalities of Copparo and Riva del Po, both included in the extraordinary strategy of "Aree Interne" in which we recognize the fragility of infrastructure, on the educational front and with measures to support the criticality of school dropout.



WUSMED is a politically independent association, committed to the promotion of international academic cooperation and the establishment of bridges between the academic and the business world. Its vision is to participate in the promotion of international projects in education and in conjunction with other social and educational actors as a key factor in the socioeconomic and educational aspect of the Mediterranean area. WUSMED stands out as basic and fundamental objectives that are given below:

- To promote, coordinate, develop and evaluate activities of international cooperation for sustainable human development in the Mediterranean countries.

- Develop education, training, communication and research that are directed to respond to the needs of the social, economic and cultural development focusing specially on issues of common interest with the in the Mediterranean countries.

 - Collaborate in the management of educational centers and organizations in order to promote development, innovation and initial and permanent training

- Enhance knowledge transfer from the universities, companies and social organizations, through the exchange of knowledge and the development of joint projects.

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S.I.S.E.R.A. Greece is a newly formed non-governmental organization, comprised of a group of scientists from a range of fields. Viewing research as our main tool for developing innovative actions as well as an opportunity to make scientific knowledge accessible for everyone, we aim to build collaborative frameworks, advance educational goals and effectively address modern environmental and social problems. Our mission derives from the values we share: democratic participation, respect for the scientific integrity and quality of research, cultural awareness and social inclusion, entrepreneurship and innovation, focus on the democratization of opportunities, the provision of vocational education and training and the strengthening of the European identity, especially for the youth reducing social inequalities and discrimination, education for sustainable development and the support of environmental actions, contribution to social change through the encouragement of a bottom-up leadership model.

Open Up, Greek
Scientific Association of Innovation


The "OPEN UP, Panhellenic Scientific Association of Innovation" is a Panhellenic Scientific Association of Non-Profit, in the form of an Association, which aims to promote Educational, Business, Research, Cultural, Technological and Investment Innovation with Greece, Europe and / or America. It is located in Greece. Its office is located at 13 Ippodamou Street, PC 41448 in Larissa. Consists of: educators, educators and administrators of all levels, scientists, researchers, theorists, physicists and specialists of all categories, from executives of innovative, research and all kinds of other enterprises, from students, research organizations and all kinds of natural, legal having a common interest in the design, research development, evaluation, promotion and implementation of development, cooperation and innovation actions.

The Union intends: I. To enhance knowledge and to develop ideas, initiatives and collaboration. Ii. In the dissemination of knowledge, science and culture with principles that promote humanity and respect. iii. To provide opportunities and opportunities to its members so that they contribute to the good of the wider society. 

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Asociația Edulifelong is a non-profit organization founded in 2013, which promotes an alternative to the actual educational and training system, a different way of understanding the teaching-learning processes, by offering high quality non-formal education and also training to adults (mainly teachers but also youth workers) as well as young people. The institution is a
Training Center that provides training in instructional and assessment strategies, uniquely tailored to the needs of educators, teachers working in the school environment. The current offer consists in two courses: “Make Maths and Science teaching attractive!” and “From teachers to facilitators and moderators of a student-centered learning process”.
Asociația Edulifelong's trainees are teachers from Romania and from other European countries. The Association also assists young people to apply for local, national and European funds and enables them meeting other youngsters through the planned project and activities. We are doing our best to help them to acquire personal and professional growth.



Weener XL is a municipal organization that provides financial support (welfare payments) and helps people (ages 18 to 65 years) in finding work, solving their financial, social and personal issues and motivating them through social activation and social participation. Weener XL also has in-house employment opportunities for disadvantaged and disabled people. For young unemployed people (aged 16 to 27 years) Weener XL have formed a team of dedicated, specialized work consultants/coaches. They help these unemployed youth clients finding work, getting back to school or coordinating other issues (health, family, financial and/or personal circumstances). Before these young clients can apply for benefits, they have a mandatory waiting period of 4 weeks (1 month), during which they have to look for work (apply for 25 jobs a week) or make every effort to get back to school. Clients have to document their activities. The work consultant offers extra monitoring during the 4-week waiting period. Clients are being informed what is expected of them (school or work), problems can be addressed and agreements are signed and documented. 





TIRANTES started at the 1st of january 2017 as a small enterprise. Theo van de Veerdonk is owner of TIRANTES. He worked from 1975 until 2017 in the field of Education and labourmarket. From 1975 until 1981 he was working at Diosynth B.V. and Organon International N.V. in Oss. From 1981 until 1983 he worked as education specialist at knowledge centre ECABO in Amersfoort. From 1983 until 2000 he worked as counselor and deputy director at CBB, a centre for vocational orientation and vocational training. CBB offered programs for risky youngsters, dropouts from schools, refugees, prisoners, drug-addicted people, unemployed people.

Activities and experience: project management, advice, coaching, networking, dissemination, mainstreaming Skills and expertise Theo van de Veerdonk: Managerial skills in European exchange programmes and project manager Education and Labour market. Skills for building networks with the directors of secondary schools, schools for prevocational education and schools for vocational education in order to improve the school organisation with the aim of preventing early school leaving.



Danmar Computers is a private company providing vocational training in the field of Information Technology and developing e-learning, mobile and customized ICT solutions. It deals with trainings, developing programs and training materials, counselling, designing web pages, web campaigns and e-learning systems. The technical staff has capability to develop any modern web and mobile applications, utilizing database technologies, web servers and application servers. That includes social and cloud services, both from client and server side. Danmar Computers has designed and developed a project management system - AdminProject. It currently is the only product on the market dedicated to the management of European projects. Danmar’s activities are directed to various groups, offering special training programs and assistance in improving their situation, either on the labor market or in other professional areas. Special attention is focused on adults and teachers, but also businesses and the youth. Danmar Computers has extensive experience in developing customized e-solutions for various markets, including e-learning systems and OERs.

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