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EARS - Educational Agreement as a Response to School dropout - 2021-1-IT02-KA220-SCH-000032619

Wall of ideas

Overall objective of the project is to produce a set of procedures that can be actionable at the single school level. A structured interaction with the full range of actors usually involved in school dispersion issues, in each specific administrative context and throughout each partner’s territory will allow us to develop deeply integrated procedures to support the young people with significant school-dispersion risks, also considering those associated with the pandemic.

Fists in Solidarity

We have a highly complementary project consortium, composed with a multi-actor approach in order to involve all the parts of the complex value chain of the fight against school dropout, in an effort to facilitate knowledge exchange and successful synthesis of a common protocol.


Expected project Results:

R1- EARS Standardized 4-Countries Anti-Dropout Protocol

R2- EARS Guidance Tool

R3- EARS Impact Research

R4- Scheme of training for Teachers and Admin Staff

R5- Pilot Anti-dropout Program 1-Y

R6- Experimental Micro-pilot for Younger TG: Antidropout Prevention

News and Social media:
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